Whitening in Laval

In most cases, the natural colour of your teeth varies from greyish to yellow. Teeth naturally get darker with age, and the use of tobacco products as well as the consumption of certain foods or beverages can affect their appearance by causing stains to appear on the surface.

While teeth aren’t naturally made to be completely white, many patients want a brighter smile.

Most whitening products are made from peroxide and can alter the colours of the tooth itself. However, treatments based on whitening products aren’t effective for all types of dental discolouration.

It’s important to determine the cause of the dental discolouration and whether such a treatment will have the desired effects. This step is especially important for patients with fillings, root canal treatments, crowns, and extremely dark stains on their front teeth.

There are several whitening techniques. The choice is made based on the number of teeth to be treated and the degree of discolouration. Dr. Hanna can recommend the best treatment for you.

At-home treatment

Whitening can be done at home. The treatment involves wearing personalized trays that should be filled with a whitening gel. The application of the product can be done during the day or at night. Dr. Hanna can help you choose the formula that’s best suited to your life context.

The daytime treatment involves an application lasting an hour and a half.

The nighttime formula consists of a minimum 4-hour application at bedtime.

In both cases, the result will be dazzling.

Special attention to anxious patients